OCR Reading Services.

We provide AI-powered OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services that enable businesses to scan data from physical documents and gain insights. Our AI-driven OCR solutions are effective at digitizing content, capturing critical information, and providing actionable insights for better decision-making. We program AI OCR solutions with machine learning and computer vision algorithms to automate document scanning with efficiency and accuracy.

OCR Reading Services

Accelerating data extraction and evaluation with our AI-powered OCR Reading Service.

Enhance data capture, extraction, and validation capabilities of your business with machine learning algorithms. We power traditional OCR scanning systems with AI tools and technologies to improve workflows and achieve greater business efficiency.


An automated OCR Technology for your business solutions.

We delivered these benefits to all fintech industries

  • 98.2% Accuracy
  • Highly Secured Solution
  • Document Upload Option

Automated OCR technology has abridged business workflows and operations. Businesses can employ technology to reduce the resources as well as save time in data collection and management. With high accuracy and robust OCR technology, businesses can extract data from multiple electronic or paper document formats.

The following are some benefits of Pixl OCR Reading Services technology brings for businesses, reduced cost and manual identification, boost up business workflows, helps to prevent document and identity fraud, and can quickly & simply connect the document reader to your system.


Our product Pixl OCR Plus provides an OCR reading service to solve all the issues and provide numerous benefits. As compared with other solutions, our product can promise better accuracy in converting OCR images to texts.

Our OCR solution helps recognize any text inside pictures and is used to transform that text contained within images (regardless of whether it is printed, typed, or even handwritten) into understandable, digital text data.

With a strong trend of increasing digital transformations, we are going to observe more solutions using optical character recognition services in the future.

Highly Secured Solution

All the data are stored with our solution in a highly secured format.

  • Data security
    Pixl OCR Solution is a GDPR compliant entity and practices banking-grade data security.
  • Unbeatable Accuracy
    Our OCR Solution was built on a data set of millions of images and photos to arrive at a 98.2% accuracy.
  • Excellent Speed
    Get the entire data processing done within seconds with our solution.

Multiple Documents

Data extraction from multiple types of documents including handwritten and machine-readable.

  • Automate Data Collection
    Convert the image of the documents submitted by your customer into a human editable format.
  • Document Authentication
    Authenticate more than 4,000 different global identity document types and much more structured proof of address documents.
  • Digital Tamper Detection
    Our solution can detect digitally modified images to help reduce instances of fraud.

Document Organisation

Organize unscattered data and scanned copies of KYC documents in an image format.

  • Optimized Management
    Eliminate recurring manual data entries and automates all business operations.
  • Effortless Integration
    Our solution can be integrated into any platform that you choose very easily
  • Easy to Access Data
    Access and download the extracted data in required formats