KYC Classifier & Extractor.

PiXL KYC Classifier and extractor with its cutting edge AI capabilities is powerful enough to effectively extract the respective KYC details from scanned images and map them to customer profiles with minimal manual effort.

KYC classifier and extractor
WHAT IS PIXL KYC Classifier AND Extractor

KYC Classifier AND Extractor An intelligent automation solution for KYC Validation.

Document verification and processing for KYC validation, insurance claims, customer onboarding, etc. are time-consuming processes across enterprises. By recent estimates, 26 days is the average customer onboarding time for financial institutions, and scaling up operations adds employing more people. While Pixl KYC Classifier and Extractor have a mainstream role in automating many of these manual processes in the BFSI sector.


A solution uses a combination of deep learning based image recognition and classfication model

With the KYC validation solution, enterprises can automate repetitive manual processes:

  • 98% Accuracy
  • High-quality data delivery.
  • Speed of execution

We introduce a new age AI solution using image processing and machine learning technologies, KYC Classifier & Extractor, to automatically identify, classify, and extract KYC details and map them accordingly..

PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor help the banks and fintech industries in saving time and providing the best quality while ensuring a great cost-cutting for them. If a manual power can process 1 million data in 10 or more months, our product is capable of processing the documents in 1 month, saving 9 months in the work process, which is of immense significance.


Meet KYC Standards with Pixl.Ai and reduce the financial risks.

We created an Intelligent Automation solution for (KYC) validation, that can automate a key portion of the customer onboarding process. The solution employs a deep-learning algorithm to scan documents and images uploaded by end-users and classify them into pre-programmed categories.

Our Rule-based algorithms executed by software makes sure that there is a near-zero margin of error in the entire process of KYC classification and extraction.

Increased speed and accuracy

Extract meaningful information with 98% Accuracy of verification and significantly improves turn-around-time.

  • Fast and accurate results
    Our solution ensures quality data capture and precise data extraction from an ID Document.
  • Reduce operational costs
    Reduce the operational costs by decreasing the manual workload.
  • Organization of documents
    Organize Un-scattered datas and scanned copies of KYC documents in an image format.

Automates CKYC and OVD Extraction

It can automate customer identification, verification process, and link documents and the respective user account.

  • Data capturing and processing
    Document photo taken and pre-processing the photo(border, colour and brightness correction).
  • Classification and Extraction
    Classification of data by type, country and revision and extract the visible part of the document.
  • Data Validation
    Decoded values are checked for validity and compared with data extracted from the visual part of the document.

Quality checking of submitted proofs

Makes a quality check for the documents and reports discrepancies in the quality to the bank.

  • Seamless Integration
    Integrate our KYC and customer verification solutions into your platform, collect data you need and get the results via API.
  • AI-Based System
    AI-based image classification & data extraction system.
  • Fraud detection and prevention
    Our solution makes sure that provided documents are authentic and valid.