AI-Based Video Surveillance.

Pixl Face Recognition Solution helps companies to recognize faces from a crowd, even under difficult scenes. We empower companies with face detection to get better and clear insights. This system can be introduced to different sectors since it drives value in different ways. It helps in identifying people with precision from people surveillance in realtime.

face recognition solution
WHAT IS pixl face recognition solution

Face verification in 5 seconds with Pixl Technology.

Our Face recognition solution provides accurate identity verification and fraud prevention faster than ever before.


Faster customer onboarding with Pixl Face Recognition Solution

face recognition services to screen high-volume customer IDs on online platforms in line with clients’ preferences

  • Liveness Detection
  • Fast Authentication.
  • Crowd Management

PiXL Face Recognition Solution provides a real-time service to obtain the latest actionable insights. There is no physical interaction required by the end-user. Face detection and facial identification or verification are not any time-consuming tasks for our product.

Our Solution captures an image to match your customer’s identity which is then cross-referenced against an image extracted from their ID document. Passive liveness detection can detect whether a real person is present, protecting against screen presentation attacks.


We use advances in AI technology to provide facial matching

Our additional verification measure provides an extra level of security and assurance that the customer is who they say they are.

Reduce false negatives and retain customers by ensuring genuine users get through Pixl solutions.

Liveness Checks

Pixl.AI Liveness Detection is used to distinguish between a live image and a document image.

  • Live face matching
    Liveness detection functionalities for remote online authentication.
  • Identity Deepfakes
    Verification of saved photographic data using deep learning algorithms.
  • Fake Image Detection
    Detecting fake images by comparing real-time faces with the face on ID cards.

Cloud based Solution

All the data are stored on-premises without any third-party cloud services.

  • Local Data Storage
    Flexible deployment options and get started with cloud or on-premise setup.
  • Fast Authentication
    High authentication speed and mapping techniques powered by Pixl.AI.
  • Facial movement recognition
    Detecting head movement, eye blinking, and mouth opening to determine liveness.

Crowd management

Our Solution helps to recognize faces from a crowd, even under difficult scenes.

  • Effective fraud prevention
    Effective fraud prevention through liveness detection and highly accurate ID-photo matching at any crowd.
  • Easy to Deploy
    A configurable workflow and integration make deployment easier.
  • Fast Verification
    Reduce false negatives and retain customers by ensuring genuine users.