Document Text Reader.

PiXL Document Text Reader is a template-based document parsing system using deep learning to automate complex document processing tasks. It outperforms humans, the back office.

Document Text Reader
WHAT IS pixl document text reader

Accurately Identify Customers for KYC with Pixl Document Text Reader Solution.

Our solution provides 98% accuracy. This is far more accurate than manual data entry or typing processes because our PiXL document text reader solution is never affected by fatigue, stress, or distraction the way a human being can be.


Efficient financial process automation in one click with Pixl Document Text Reader

With process automation in the financial services industry software, your company can:

  • Scan and extract data from ID documents in one click
  • Boost customer satisfaction.
  • Lower the risk of abandonment during onboarding

Security is a top priority for customers and businesses alike when it comes to processing sensitive personal and financial data. So how can data be secured when it’s captured with a mobile device and then uploaded to the internet?.

Our solution is a safe and secure solution for scanning ID Cards and other forms of sensitive information.


Treat your customers right and optimize your bussiness process with our solution.

Data entry and verification is a time-consuming yet vital task. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right technology, you can automate financial processes to::

  • Speed up client onboarding
  • Perform essential security checks
  • Be compliant. Avoid fraud. Ensure security.

In the financial services industry, strict regulations exist to protect clients and organisations from fraud, money laundering, and other illegal money practices. Delivering security for financial service providers and their clients, such protection comes with a downside – paperwork.


Our solution will read information more accurately and gives 98.2% of accuracy.

  • Capture/Analyze Data
    Capture/Analyze any type of document from any source with this solution.
  • Easy to Extract
    Easy to extract the metadata from documents.
  • Cloud Document Storage
    All the data are stored on-premises without any third-party cloud services.


Our solution having powerful functionality to enhance the doc reading process.

  • Extract structured & unstructured data
    Our solution extracts printed and handwriting texts, tables, and other structured data without configuration.
  • simple Optical Character Recognition
    We use OCR technology to identify form labels and values and extract information from tables without compromising the structure at a low cost.
  • Security & Compliance
    Our customers can get deep insights into the security processes and controls that protect customer data.


Get things running with our fast solutions, and the entire data processing done in seconds.

  • Quick Reading
    Quick reading in under 30 seconds to control drop-off rate and optimize conversion rates.
  • Reducing Manual labor
    We Digitize processes to increase productivity and reduce manual labor.
  • Reduced Compliance Risk
    Eliminates ungoverned access to documents through strict user access controls.