Aadhaar Card Masking Solution.

The Updated RBI Masker direction on KYC guidelines makes it mandatory for its regulated entities to mask or blackout the first 8 digits from the Aadhaar number of all customers' from the Aadhaar image as part of the KYC process. Our Aadhaar card masking solution allows you to mask a million documents at a time.

Aadhaar card masking solution
WHAT IS Pixl aadhaar card masker

Our Aadhaar Masking Solution helps you become regulatory compliant.

Our solution extracts information from images of the Aadhaar card using OCR, processes the same, and allows you to mask the first 8 or all 12 digits of the Aadhaar number within seconds from the documents submitted by your customers in real-time as well as legacy records stored in the client's repository.


A solution to mask Aadhaar numbers from your customer documents;one at a time or in bulk.

Aadhaar is the easiest way to Know your customer while onboarding them to your platform:

  • Onboard Customer Faster
  • Protect Customer Privacy.
  • Accuracy & Qualitative.

Pixl Aadhaar Masking Solution allows you to hide Aadhaar numbers from the documents submitted by your customers in real-time, i.e. as and when they upload their document onto your systems.

Our Aadhaar masking solution automates the entire manual process generated from submitted documents. Combined with pixl technologies this not only automates the current manual process but also speeds up onboarding itself.


An automated Aadhaar Masking Solution to all regulated entities.

Our solution uses Computer Vision APIs for image processing, optical character recognition, and redacting the Aadhaar numbers in the image. It accepts Aadhaar images in various PDF, image formats, resolution, DPI, shape, and style.

Pixl Aadhaar Masking Solution allows you to save time and effort and become regulatory compliant without compromising on the privacy of your end-users.


Use our solution to mask the Aadhaar number instantly from the documents submitted by the customers in real-time.

  • Bulk Masking
    Our enterprise-grade bulk masking solution allows you to mask 100,000+ documents at a time.
  • Automated Quality check
    Machines re-check for correct and accurate masking with our automated quality analyst feature.
  • Accuracy & Qualitative
    The Process is completed in 5 sec with high accuracy by utilizing automated quality assurance.

Support all image formats

Our solution supports all image formats i.e, JPEG, JPG, PDF, and PNG.

  • Supports all Aadhaar Formats
    Supports m-Aadhaar, full leaflet, scanned copy, and form with printed Aadhaar number.
  • Rotated Images Supported
    Images can be rotated at any angle for accurate masking.
  • Low-Quality Images
    Photocopies, color or greyscale front and back images of the same page, any quality as long as aadhaar numbers visible.

Onboard Customer Faster

Our solution automates the entire manual process of removing aadhaar number from the submitted documents.

  • Protect Customer Privacy
    Masked Aadhaar number makes sure that the data is hidden from miscreants and securely stored from harm.
  • Easy To Integrate
    Our solution is easy to integrate, easy to use, and easy to implement within one day in your system.
  • Enhancing Security
    A trusted partner to banks, financial institutions, and fintech and all RBI-Regulated entities.