Video KYC Solution

Discover India's leading fully compliant video KYC Solution that helps to onboard customers remotely to serve them instantly. It also facilitates the customer onboarding process and reduces drop-offs. Pixl Video KYC complies with all KYC and AML norms set by the RBI and SEBI. Our solution gives support to financial institutions to create a seamless and smooth customer onboarding journey.

Video KYC solution
WHAT IS Pixl Video KYC

Video KYC Solution for Banks and Financial Services.

Pixl Video KYC Solution is a consent-based alternative method of identity verification that allows all RBI-regulated entities to onboard customers online. Our solution simplifies the authentication process for multiple banking and non-banking financial institutions, payment banks, digital wallet providers and more.

Benefits Deliverd

One Stop Video KYC Solution for all Regulated Entities

Why Pixl Video KYC Solution is different?

  • Remotely onboard Customers.
  • Service Customers Instantly.
  • Comply with Regulations.

Pixl.AI helps the banks and all financial sector firms to achieve their aim of getting the Video KYC done using our Video KYC Solution. We provide them with a unique platform where the process can be carried out smoothly in a time-effective way. It helps your customers to access this service with a single tap on the internet, without the need to visit a bank or keep the hard copy of their documents.

You can Onboard new customers within a very short period. Pixl Video KYC solution is a completely digitized end-to-end onboarding process while offering a seamless experience with e-KYC.

A Secure, Banking grade Video KYC, at Scale to solve KYC/AML compliance issues, speed up customer Onboarding and eliminate identity fraud

Most apt and advanced banking grade technology developed to automate the onboarding process.

ID verification

Secure real-time customer PAN and Aadhaar verification using OCR.

  • Aadhaar Verification
    Offline Aadhaar XML based customer verification with checks to support compliance.
  • Pan Verification
    Image of customer holding PAN is checked for clarity and PAN details are checked against NSDL database.
  • Video Verification
    Recorded video at the time of live streaming can be verified the future.

On-premises deployment

All the data are stored on-premises without any third-party cloud services.

  • Local Data Storage
    Flexible deployment options and get started with cloud or on-premise setup.
  • Video Recording
    Recording the entire interaction process for future validation.
  • Geo-Location Tagging
    The live location of the customer is captured to ensure that customer is physically present in India.

Facial Recognition

Compare the Person on a Video call with photo on docs with accuracy 98.2%.

  • Photo Taking
    Capturing the face of a person on a video call to ensure the identity.
  • Facial Movement Recognition
    Our Solution detects liveness by using AI facial movement technology.
  • Face Comparison
    Compare the face on the video call with the face on the ID card.