Case study on PiXL.AI

Empower the document processing with PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor & PiXL Document Reader.

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Case study on PiXL.AI
Case study on PiXL.AI

Necessity is the mother of invention. The root of all the technology and its applications emerges from human needs. The same is with the “PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor”, and PiXL Document Reader”. The idea of these two products arises from our financial sector client’s needs.

The story begins here…

We are in a time where technologies enable machines to simulate and augment human intelligence. Banking sectors are also inside the circle of intelligence age or else within a short time we can see a drastic change in financial services especially in manual works. They are the world of computers and networks that store the world economy in databases. PixDynamics had a trusted relationship with a prominent bank where they find difficulties in KYC form extraction and classification. Banks are the place where they handle a bulk of paper documents. We have to submit our proofs say Adhar cards, voters ID or any other means of Id proofs. This had to be entered into the system by a bank employee. Imagine how difficult it is to do these works manually. This is a practice that had been followed for years. Even though we address banks are in the path of AI, a lot of manual works are still ongoing processes. This gives us the idea of “PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor”, and PiXL Document reader “. Our developing team developed the product under DL and ML proficiency. After implementing the product our client bank classify and extracts the documents with less time and thus gets the documents scanned with 99 percent accuracy. And now we had a trusted relationship with a couple of banks where they realize the product’s efficiency and quality. It was a hard work of one and a half years effect within the hands of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. The flow of the project was Data collection -> Train the system -> Optimization The first real step to train our system is gathering data. This step is very important because the quality and quantity of data that you gather will directly determine how good your predictive model can be. A few hours of measurements later, we have gathered our training data. Now it’s time for the next step of machine learning: Data preparation, where we load our data into a suitable place and prepare it for use in our machine learning training. Now we move onto what is often considered the bulk of machine learning — Training. In this step, we will use our data to incrementally improve our model’s ability to predict whether a given drink is wine or beer. Once training is complete, it’s time to see if the model is any good, using Evaluation. This is where that dataset that we set aside earlier comes into play. Evaluation allows us to test our model against data that has never been used for training.

Our Products

PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor

AI-based solution specially designed to address KYC form extraction and classification issue, faced by the financial organizations in recent times. Our solution to this issue is developed using cutting-edge AI capabilities which would help the business users to effectively extract the respective KYC details from scanned images and mapped to customer profiles with very minimal effort. It can be used to automate several banking operations like CKYC, OVD Extraction, ID Verification and classification, Quality checking of ID Proof Submitted.

PiXL Document Reader

If you have to process documents like invoices from PDF and images or else there are some PDFs and images that are the usual strategy is quite manual. Here, PiXL Document reader is capable of processing several documents from PDF and images. The product learns from previous computations to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results so that they had pre-mapped data within the table records.

PiXL CAD Mapper

Engineering industries can make use of this product to get a CAD drawing structure. There are some situations in which you have to convert the pictorial/image representations to CAD format, It’s hard to do it manually, those industries can effectively make use of Pixl CAD mapper. PiXL CAD mapper is an Engineering drawing mapping solution that extracts tough components from complex drawings and then converts it to CAD designs/Vector design that can be of any DWF, SVG or CAD file format.

PiXL Face Recognition

Human surveillance is one of the security factors that give birth to several products or software. There are several occasions where you can effectively use those applications. Normally we know that the Pixl face recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image. They work by comparing selected facial features from the given image with faces within a database. It is an AI-driven facial recognition platform that is accurate, scalable, private and secure. It can detect the appearance of a human face in a camera’s field of view. In addition to strictly security-related tasks, face detection can provide valuable information to your business security.

Advantages of our product…

Time is a vital factor for any organization. The product will have more demerits if it consumes a lot of time. If the product gives an effective result within time than it is less than the usual time then its categories as an advance